Sonny "Bug Splat" Williams
Our Mentor

Sonny "Bug Splat" Williams, the self-proclaimed "Epitome of Cool," is a polarizing figure in the Rock Music Establishment, primarily due to his insistence that he was the one who stabbed beloved song writer Robert Johnson to death with an ice pick in Greenwood, Mississippi, over the accusation that Johnson had stolen songs he had written, including the Eric Clapton classic cover, "Crossroads." Although later dropped, assault charges were brought against the band leader after he came to blows with Keith Richards following his 1969 opening act set at the Altamont Speedway, when the rock guitarist, in a rare moment of lucidity, became aware of Bug Splat's supposed involvement in the murder of the composer of the Rolling Stones hit, "Love in Vain." Most musicologists dispute the Bluesman's assertions, holding to the generally accepted version of events that Johnson was poisoned with stryccnine-laced whiskey by a jealous houseman over a woman.

Bug Splat, whose whose trademark bottleneck slide guitar style has been likened to the wail of alley cats in heat, now calls Mudcat Falls home, where he performs regularly with his Blue Chunx band at Stevie Ray's Blues Club. His latest album, Bucket Full of Funk, has been officially boycotted by both the R.I.A.A. and the Riverside Charismatic Episcopal Church of the Sacred Sunrise.

After a recent arrest for reckless driving, Bug Splat is considering a new career in NASCAR.